Knabb hits home run for YMCA with major donation

You’ve heard of the “Perry Shuffle” and the “Vola dance”, well, Karon Johnson, Executive Director of the YMCA, has her own one-two step, foot shuffle that’s a rare sighting. Actually, it only comes out when she receives exciting news about the YMCA. So, on Saturday morning, Karon danced to her heart’s content, after she received news from a corporate sponsor to pay for the entire refurbishing of the YMCA.
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The Big Stage Show supports the YMCA

Over 100 people auditioned in recent weeks for the show, which is like a Bahamian version of American Idol. The judges are Grammy Award winner, Alvin Speights who is the director of the show, and Barron McClendon both of Atlanta. The show is produced by Lee “Wix” McCallum.
The show has been advertised to start at 3pm, but did not get going until 8pm, and it was mentioned that subsequent shows will now start at 8pm. Best to call the YMCA at 352-7074 to be sure!
You can visit the shows website at