Z.N.S./St.Johns Fun Run/Walk a Success!

The fun run/walk was a success. There were a total of 138 registered participants. Ages ranged from 9 to 99. Fun Run/Walk started on time, and one couldn’t have asked for a better day. The ski was blue, sun was shaded by the clouds and the breeze was blowing lightly. All participants completed the race injury free.

Results were:

Age Group 45 to 99 Female
1st place Genevieve Collie
2nd Mattie Mills
3rd Rose Carson

Age Group 45 to 99 male
1st place Stafford Clarke
2nd Kevin Symonette
3rd Carl Stubbs

Age Group 21 to 44 female
1st place Patricia Albury
2nd Leigh Termath
3rd Janet Johnson

Age Group 21 to 44 male
1st place Victor Roberts
2nd B. Smith
3rd Kevin Roxbury

Age group 9-10 female
1st place Takia Capron

Age group 9 – 10 male
1st place Denzell Clements
2nd Devante Symonette

Age group 11 -12 female
1st place Stevette Culmer
2nd Brazique Culmer
3rd Shanaye Smith

Age Group 11-12 male
1st place Shaquan Euwing
2nd Sherad Ewing
3rd Julian Burrows

Age group 13 – 15 female
1st place Carlene Johnson
2nd Karen Barr
3rd Kweeamae Strachan

Age group 13 – 15 male
Philam Thompson

Age group 16-29 female
1st place Jasmine Green
2nd Francesca Mondesir
3rd Coletor Johnson

Age group 16 – 29 male
1st place Larry Bodie Jr.

Age group 30-49 female
1st place Cathy Hindley
2nd Beryl Allen
3rd Rema Gutam

Age group 30-49 male
1st place Inch McGuire
2nd “ Tony Lopez