YMCA Soccer League Wraps up

On Saturday February 17th, the YMCA wrapped up their Soccer League with Cup Championship matches, lunch cooked for the kids, and an Award for each child. “Every child recieves a trophy, because we are all winners at the Y!”, said Karon Pinder-Johnson, the Executive Director. Photos are availabe for viewing and purchase from In Focus Fotography (Brent Bethel). Brent can also be reach by email at [email protected]

MINI Division
League Winners Seaboard Marine Sharks
Runner Up Royal Bank Bankers
Cup Championship Royal Bank Bankers
Runner Up Seaboard Marine Sharks
Shield Winners G.B. Port Authority Wolves
Runner Up Waugh Warriors
Plate Winners Pepsi Gladiators
Runner Up Sunquest Raptors
JUNIOR Division
League Winners G.B. Terrazzo Tigers
Runner Up Esquires Knights
Cup Championship G.B. Terrazzo Tigers
Runner Up Esquires Knights
Shield Winners Scotia Bank Titans
Runner Up Polymers Pistons
Plate Winners Care Maintenance Sweepers
Runner Up Borco Oilers
League Most Valuable Players Junior Division (name and team name):
Jordon Farquharson, Polymers Pistons
Saul Solonga, Scotia Bank Titans
Sam Taylor, Esquire Knights
James Farquharson, Care Maintenance Sweepers
Denzel Deveaux, G.B Terrazzo Tigers
Mathew Armstrong, Borco Oilers
League Most Valuable Players Mini Division:
Quincey Grant, Waugh Warriors
Matt Parsons, G. B. Port Authority Wolves
Elliot DeGregory, Pepsi Gladiators
Joanna Evans, Royal Bank Bankers
Luca Borsetto, Seaboard Marine Sharks
Dante Carey, Sunquest Raptors
Cup Championship Most Valuable Player:
Andre Turnquest, G.B. Terrazzo Tigers
Kristian Moree, Royal Bank Bankers
League Most Improved Players Junior Division:
Dylan Low, Polymers Pistons
Hiram Johnson, Scotia Bank Titans
Alex Von Albedyhll, Esquire Knights
Matthew Smith, Care Maintenance Sweepers
Perez Knowles, G.B. Terrazzo Tigers
Jonathan Walters, Borco Oilers

League Most Improved Players Mini Division:
Lauren Gouthro, Waugh Warriors
Shannon Albury, G.B. Port Authority Wolves
Tai DeGregory, Pepsi Gladiators
Cameron Riley, Royal Bank Bankers
Brandon Charles, Seaboard Marine Sharks
Dante Robinson, Sunquest Raptors

SOCCER Coaches, we could not have done it without YOU!

Pee Wee Division: Deona “Dee Dee” Riley, Elcot Johnson, Michele Russell, and Jason Snisky

Mini Division:
Francis Bain Sr. & Johnny Chessa, Royal Bank Bankers
Debbie Borsetto, Seaboard Marine Sharks
Glym Clemenson & Milissa Sweeting, G. B. Port Authority Wolves
Fabio Cortes, Pepsi Gladiators
Sean Graham, Waugh Warriors
Sylvia Carey & Joanna Carey, Sunquest Raptors

Junior Division:
Tony Lopez & Brad Bethel, G.B. Terrazzo Tigers
Steve Taylor, Esquire Knights
Francis Bain Jr., Borco Oilers
Jason DeGregory, Care Maintenance Sweepers
Stefano Borsetto, Polymers Piston,
Will Sleddan, Scotia Bank Bankers,

A BIG, BIG THANKS to League Sponsors:
Show Off T-Shirts
Seaboard Marine
Grand Bahama Port Authority
Waugh Construction (Bah) Ltd.
Sunquest Realty
Royal Bank of Canada
Pepsi Cola Bahamas Ltd.
Scotia Bank
Care Maintenance Ltd.
Esquire Men’s Clothing
Polymers International Ltd.
G.B. Terrezzo Tile & Masonry Co Ltd.Sunny Isles Water & Juice
Quality Auto Sales (Freeport) Ltd.

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