The YMCA Aerobithon and Steak-out – January 19th

For the fitness fanatic, exercise buff, or aerobics enthusiast!
The 2nd Annual YMCA Aerobithon will take place Saturday, January 19th from 10am to 2pm. Classes will be held every half hour with a variety of local instructors, and will feature special guest, Maria Bellando from the USA who is an IFBB Pro and certified aerobics and fitness instructor. Bellando will also be offering a clinic for anyone who teaches aerobics on the island of Grand Bahama.
All of the aerobics classes and clinic are free of charge and open to anyone interested.

The YMCA’s Annual Steak-out, which will also be held on the YMCA grounds on Saturday. The steak-out will start from 12 noon. Meals are $10 each. There will be lots of things for the kids to do, including a bouncing castle, slides and other children’s entertainment. Proceeds will go towards the YMCA’s building fund.

For more information contact the YMCA at 352-7074