YMCA and GBPA partnership garners success in energy savings and efficiency project

FREEPORT, Grand Bahama — YMCA Executive Director, Karon Pinder-Johnson praised Sir Jack Hayward and The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA) for its partnership in a recent Energy Savings & Efficiency project.

Geared at assisting the community support facility, and reduce its electrical operations cost which totaled $130,000.00 in 2012, the project proved to be quite successful, Pinder-Johnson revealed.

“The YMCA has always grappled with its electrical bill. In fact, at one point the organization acquired arrears totaling approximately $50,000.00.

“Immediately, the Board of the YMCA met to discuss a plan of action regarding ways in which the facility could be outfitted that would generate energy savings and efficiency.

“Following consultation with electricity experts, it was decided that replacing all 270 plus incandescent light bulbs in the YMCA to LED (energy efficient) light bulbs would be beneficial in meeting the challenge of reducing the electrical bill.

“GBPA greatly assisted the YMCA in this effort, providing us the opportunity to do just that in a timely manner. Merchantec Limited & A/C Services were hired to complete the Energy Savings & Efficiency project which took them just over two months once the needed materials arrived on island.

“Additionally, energy savings apparatuses were installed between our breaker system, swimming pool pumps and concession stand areas, which allow for power stability, eliminating power fluctuation (spikes and dips) and ultimately, saving money on the electricity bill,” said Pinder-Johnson.

“GBPA, Sir Jack and corporate Grand Bahama, have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the YMCA continues to serve the public, especially our youth and we truly appreciate their assistance.”

Pinder-Johnson also revealed that plans are underway to further reduce electrical costs by way of solar energy, especially where the air conditioning units are concerned.

“It has been suggested that solar powered timers be placed on our air conditioning units at the YMCA. This would ensure that power turns on and shuts off at appropriate intervals, rather than constantly running, to further facilitate energy efficiency. We are doing what we can to ensure this is also done in a timely fashion.

“Again the YMCA cannot thank GBPA enough for assisting us in this venture. Personally, I recall when I became a part of the YMCA family in 1986, GBPA and Sir Jack Hayward’s names were synonymous with this facility as two of our biggest supporters. Actually, it is because of them that the doors of the YMCA did not permanently close following the hurricanes of 2004.

“So we thank GBPA’s Donation Committee for its support in facilitating this Energy Savings & Efficiency project and look forward to their continued partnership in the future,” Pinder-Johnson added.

As the YMCA continues to play a vital role in building the community of Grand Bahama, Dr. Smith revealed GBPA’s elation to assist in the project stating, “We are indeed pleased to facilitate the Energy Savings & Efficiency project here at the YMCA.

“We recognize that the YMCA, through its programmes particularly sports, continues to help build our communities and the youth of Grand Bahama island.

“Hence, GBPA is pleased to lend support to the YMCA as it continues to foster positive development within the Grand Bahama community.”

For further information about the YMCA programmes and activities telephone 352-7074/5 or visit www.ymcabahamas.com.